Blue Skies & Cacti

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

It’s 11:04am, I’m sitting at Starbucks listening as the Barista yells out names of beverages ready to be picked up. it’s a busy place. people are rushing back to work, friends catching up on life, and parents chasing their kids. laughter is filling the room, smiles on faces, and joy is in the air. you can tell people like and respect each other, even strangers like me are welcomed with open arms.

The day started before the sun as my eyes opened and I tossed and turned before the 5:30am alarm went off. I hopped out of bed to start breakfast while B got ready for work. Bacon, Eggs, Banana, and a hot cup of Columbia dark roast is on the menu today.  We sat at the table; B read the scriptures, and we filled postcards with updates on life to our families.

6:45am comes and B is out the door.

And me? Well, I have this freedom that I haven’t had for a very long time. I have no responsibilities.  nowhere to go. no work, no schedules, no appointment. Just me, myself and I until B gets out of class.

So, I finished writing some thank you notes, talked to my sisters, washed the breakfast dishes before deciding to take a stroll to the post office and Starbucks.

I packed my backpack – laptop, phone, wallet, ID, hotel key, cards, extra stamps, map of the area, chapstick. the basics really. I turn on the Happy Hour with Ellie Holcomb (episode #162) and I head out the door. I walked the sidewalks and admired the beauty of the cacti everywhere. I’ve never had the normal college/dorm life, but something about this feels like I’m getting a chance to experience something I had missed out on.

it’s still only day two, but I believe this will be a season I will always cherish.

the scenery, the people, and a moment to pause – to stop being a Martha and begin being a Mary. to rest, reflect, renew my mind and bask in the presence of our Savior.




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